Clinical Care Model

Extending Our Clinical Care Model to Our Team Members

At VillageMD, we’re leading bold advances in the delivery of high-quality primary care—care that people can access where and when it works for them. Whether you visit a Village Medical at Walgreens or choose a virtual visit from your mobile device, VillageMD is here for you.

Every day, we wake up to deliver the best primary care possible, centered on the trusted relationship between a physician and patient. We know our physician-led, team-based care model gives patients and communities a better health care experience while lowering the overall cost of care. That’s the value of value-based care.And, because we want our team members to have this same patient-centered experience, we’ve built it into our benefits. As a VillageMD team member, you have access to that same high-quality, patient-centered care at an affordable cost. It’s called the VillageMD Value-Based Medical Plan—and it gives you access to VillageMD providers as a preferred choice for primary care.

While you will still have the option to seek care outside of VillageMD’s network, you’ll pay less—or nothing at all—when you choose the VillageMD network. Learn more about the VillageMD Value-Based Medical Plan.