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Prescription Drugs

VillageMD medical coverage includes prescription drug coverage through the Express Scripts network. We are partnering with Walgreens as our preferred in-network retail pharmacy. Mail-order is available, too.

Your costs for prescriptions vary depending on the type of drug (generic vs. brand) and where you get it filled, as shown in the charts below.

  • Your best value is typically a generic drug filled at Walgreens or another in-network pharmacy, so ask your primary care physician if a generic alternative is available.
  • “In-network” includes Walgreens, thousands of other retail pharmacies in the Express Scripts network, and Express Scripts mail-order service. Prescriptions filled at CVS or other out-of-network pharmacies are not covered. CVS Pharmacy is excluded from the VillageMD pharmacy network.

Kroger Pharmacies No Longer In-Network for 2023

In 2023, Kroger pharmacies and others owned by Kroger will no longer be in the Express Scripts network. If you are filling prescriptions at one of these pharmacies, you will need to find a new pharmacy.

To find a new network pharmacy, visit or review this flyer.

Once you choose a new pharmacy, there are three ways to transfer your prescriptions:

  • Take your prescription bottle to your new pharmacy and ask them to contact your current pharmacy to transfer your prescription.
  • Call your new pharmacy and ask them to transfer your prescription.
  • Ask your doctor to send your prescriptions to your new pharmacy.
VillageMD Value-Based Plan
In-Network Out-of-Network

What You Pay (copays for 30-day/90-day supply)

Generic: $10/$20

Preferred Brand: $30/$60

Non-Preferred Brand: $60/$120

Specialty Brand: $100/$200

No coverage for prescriptions filled at out-of-network retail pharmacies

HSA Medical Plan
In-Network Out-of-Network

What You Pay

Most Preventive Maintenance Generic: Many covered at 100% (no deductible)

Generic: 10% after deductible*

Preferred Brand: 20% after deductible*

Non-Preferred Brand: 30% after deductible

Specialty Brand: 30% after deductible

*You must meet combined medical and prescription plan deductible — $1,500 individual, $3,000 family — before coinsurance applies.

No coverage for prescriptions filled at out-of-network retail pharmacies

Find Pharmacies and Research Drug Prices Before You Enroll

Please use the Pre-Enrollment Website for Express Scripts. This resource is for those not yet enrolled in our medical plans who want to research the pharmacy network and benefits.

Partnering with Walgreens and Express Scripts for Savings and Safety

Your coverage includes programs to help you get the most appropriate medications at the best possible price. If you take a maintenance medication, you must fill your prescriptions through the Smart90 Plan. You can get 90-day supplies at Walgreens or through Express Scripts home delivery. 

Walgreens Programs
  • Walgreens Smart90: For maintenance medications (those you take on a regular basis), you can pick up a 90-day supply at a Walgreens retail pharmacy for a cost comparable to Express Scripts mail-order. This option is not available at other pharmacies.
Express Scripts Programs
  • Mail-order service: Have a 90-day supply delivered right to your door. This service is convenient and contact-free.
  • Preferred formulary: A list of common brand name and specialty drugs. Check with your primary care physician or Express Scripts to see if your medication will be covered by the Express Scripts formulary.
  • Prior Authorization: Before you can receive benefits for certain medications, your physician will need to get approval through Express Scripts, and you must meet certain criteria.
  • Step Therapy: For certain medications, you may be required to first try a proven, cost-effective medication before progressing to a more costly treatment if necessary.
  • Specialty Pharmacy (Accredo): For complex medical conditions, specialty medications are covered only if purchased through the Prime Specialty Pharmacy.

Register with Express Scripts to manage your medication anywhere, any time. Register online or download the Express Scripts mobile app for free from your mobile device’s app store.

Prescription Drug ID Cards

In general, you will receive a new prescription drug ID card from Express Scripts when you first enroll and anytime you make a change to your medical plan or the family members covered.

For 2023, all VillageMD team members will receive new prescription ID cards.

You can request an additional ID card at any time by contacting Express Scripts. You can also access your ID card at or view your ID card using the Express Scripts mobile app.

This is a sample of the VillageMD Express Scripts ID card.

Prescription Drug ID Cards