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Work | Life Solutions

To help protect you and your family when you have a critical need, including support during times of significant loss, VillageMD provides Work | Life Solution benefits at no cost to you. These benefits are offered through Reliance Standard Life Insurance.

Emergency Travel Assistance

On Call International
US toll-free: 1-800-456-3893
Worldwide collect: 1-603-328-1966

Eligible team members and covered dependents have access to:

  • A personal travel-emergency companion anytime you’re more than 100 miles away from home.
  • 24-hour, toll-free phone access to assistance in case of illness, injury, lost passport, missing luggage, even a prescription refill.

Identity Protection


Eligible team members and covered dependents may receive:

  • Monitoring and security tools.
  • Full-service remediation to restore your identity, saving you time, money and stress.
  • Up to $25,000 in identity fraud expense reimbursement.

Legal and Financial Services

ACI Specialty Benefits
Company code: RSLI859

Eligible team members and covered dependents may receive legal and financial consultation for an unlimited number of issues at no cost.

  • Legal services include an initial assessment and an initial 60-minute in-office or phone consultation.
  • Financial services include an initial assessment and phone consultation, 30 days of financial coaching, and a 90-day financial wellness action plan.
  • Documentation preparation services include “Do It Yourself” document preparation through the online legal and financial resource center, as well as document assistance services at a
    reduced fee.
  • Other benefits include 24/7 access to a secure website for information, resources and personal documents.

If you find yourself managing through a significant loss, VillageMD offers resources through Reliance Standard to support you and your loved ones during your journey.


Grief Support and Counseling

ACI Specialty Benefits
Company code: RSLI859

When coping with a death, you and your household members are eligible for:

  • Up to 3 Reliance counseling sessions at no cost. Reliance sessions are in addition to Cigna EAP’s 6 free counseling sessions.
  • Confidential assistance with personal matters like family, finances, health and work.
  • Work/Life referrals and resources for issues like childcare, eldercare, and pet care, education, personal services, health and wellness, even veteran resources and support.
  • Experienced consultants are available 24/7 to listen and help you find solutions. They can set up in-person sessions with local behavioral health counselors if needed.

Bereavement Support Services

ACI Specialty Benefits
Company code: RSLI859

In addition to the 3 free grief counseling sessions described under Grief Support and Counseling, benefit-eligible team members and family members have access to:

  • Unlimited telephonic grief counseling.
  • Bereavement support services such as online funeral planning.
  • Beneficiary financial and legal consultation.

LifeMart Discounts

VillageMD offers you a variety of discounts through ADP’s LifeMart. You’ll find a huge selection of discounts on products and services from brands you know and love, including great savings on childcare and remote learning services in addition to cell phone plans, vacations and electronics.

To access LifeMart:

  • Log in to your ADP account at
  • Click on MYSELF at the top of the screen
  • Under the Benefits section, click on Employee Discounts – LifeMart